Reflexology Helps Headaches

Posted on February 14, 2017 at 12:19 PM
Almost everyone has suffered from headaches and can sympathize with how they can put a damper on your day.  Headaches can be triggered by a number of different causes.  Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, hormone imbalances, eyestrain, neck problems and sinus congestion can all be factors for a headache. Reflexology can help alleviate some or all of these symptoms!  A reflexology session may alleviate a headache by releasing tension around the cervical spine, reducing stress, improving circulation and nerve function, and assisting the body in maintaining homeostasis. 

When using reflexology to help with your headaches, it’s important to try and understand why you are having the headache.  Is it hormonal? Or, is it sinus related or due to eye strain?  Once you can pinpoint a specific trigger, you can more effectively use reflexology to help by focusing on specific reflexes.

Reflexology, Reflexology by Katie, ConnecticutThe big toe is the direct reflex for the brain/head.  So it’s wise to work the big toe aka Hallux for any headache.  In fact, working ALL of the toes is a good idea.  The toes hold the reflexes for the brain, sinuses, eyes, ears, face, throat, and the lymph nodes from the neck up.  Releasing tension in these areas would greatly help if suffering from a headache.

Along with working the direct reflexes associated with the head, it is helpful to work secondary reflexes that are associated to any areas that could be contributing to the headache.  For example, if the headache is hormonal related, working the endocrine system reflexes and reproductive reflexes would be beneficial.  If it is stress related, work the solar plexus reflexes and adrenal reflexes.  Lung reflexes are always helpful to release tension in the chest and promote deep breathing and relaxation.

 A full reflexology session that works all the reflexes is the most beneficial for stopping a headache in its tracks. The next time you see your reflexology therapist; ask them to show you the different reflex points and techniques to help alleviate your headaches!

Thank you for visiting Reflexology by Katie and letting me share the benefits of reflexology with you! I hope you enjoyed it! It is my goal that everyone who has a reflexology treatment should leave physically and mentally relaxed and refreshed.  I am pleased to be providing reflexology therapy to Southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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